Looking back, looking ahead


So who would have thought I had posted over 1000 pictures on Instagram?! As I was scrolling through them, reminiscing on good times in the recent past, I happened upon the gem above.

It was taken a few summers ago, looking out the living room window to the porch and the front yard. I may have mentioned before that the front porch is my favourite spot in the summer. It’s shady and the tree is often home to a bird or two.

I’m quite ready to kiss winter goodbye. Hopefully this idyllic scene is one I can feast my eyes on sooner rather than later.

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Born and raised in Canada,  to Jamaican parents. Had an Italian babysitter who instilled in me a love for Italian food. Love to learn languages; I speak some French, a bit of Spanish and a pinch of Brazilian Portuguese. My first name is of Finnish origin, my middle name is French, my surname is English. I claim African, English, Scottish and (possibly) Middle East ancestors.

I am Canadian. Aren’t I? :oops:

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Saturday Slice of Life


Making cake was one of my favorite things to do, as a child. For any occasion, whether Christmas, Thanksgiving, or birthday, I was the designated cake-ist.

So, one year for Christmas, my mother bought me a Bundt pan.i hadn’t put it on my list….at 10 years old, cake pans are not what I wanted from Santa, or anyone else! She bought it for me, thinking it would help foster my love for baking, and she was right.

To this day, seeing a Bundt shaped cake, makes me smile :mrgreen:

At The End of The Day

Coming home after work, we were nearly blinded by the brilliance of the setting sun. A very pretty end to the day.
Rest well tonight, everyone! 🌅



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Katy Perry said it. Helen Reddy said it. Countless unknown and unrecognized women across time and continents have said it. I am woman hear me ROAR!

Women can be and are just as powerful, smart, cunning, savvy as men. We can organize,  lead, unite just as well as men. We are no better and certainly, no less than men. But media would have us think otherwise.

I’m a big fan of documentaries, particularly those that explore human behaviour. It’s the psych student in me! Anyway, this afternoon I watched a docu called Miss Representation. It’s about the media portrayal of women, and how those images are affecting the girls who view them.

As a one time girl, and a mother of two girls (and a son but it’s not his turn right now) who are on the cusp of adolescence, these issues are a huge deal for me. I won’t go into all the problems with how women are presented stereotypically, and in a highly demeaning light. This is well documented and in our faces on a daily basis.

But more voices need to be heard on this matter. Mainly from women, from mothers of daughters and from the girls themselves. What could be a better message of empowerment than to encourage your daughters to stand up for themselves.

And let us not forget the boys. Yes, this is the part where my son jumps in. Because what girls hear is “you’re not pretty, thin, or desirable enough”. What the boys hear is “a girls looks, and sexual availability are all that matter”. Wrong message, on both counts.

Everyone should see Miss Representation. My aim is to try to get it viewed at the school my kids attend; it means that much to me. I found it on Netflix, but it may be available on other sites. You can also follow on Twitter (@RepresentPledge)

So, ladies on the count of three… Let me hear you ROAR!!

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