Things that make you go “Hmmm…” Cartoon Edition

Saturday morning ‘toons have always been a part of my life. From the time I was 7 or 8, I’d be up early in the morning, still in my PJ’s, heading to the living room. Back then, kiddies, tv was turned on BY HAND! (OOO! AHHH!)  I sat right up in front of it and kept the volume down low, so I didn’t wake my parents. With a big bowl of cereal, I was ready for 5 hours of sweet cartoon capers!

I still watch cartoons. And now I can see them anytime, day or night, which I couldn’t do as a child. There was no such thing as 24 hour tv. We got a few hours Saturday morning, and some in the afternoons during the week. But the thing about watching childhood shows as an adult, is that you’ve got a much more critical eye. The things you were willing to suspend belief about, make you ask questions when you get older. My hubby and I get quite a good chuckle on when we watch now, asking each other, “but why didn’t he just…?” or “where the heck did that come from??” Here are a few things about some of my fav cartoons, that make me go “Hmmmm…”

1. The Flintstones.

They don’t live in a very big place. Seems to be a bungalow, perhaps with 2 bedrooms. Kitchen. Livingroom. Dining room, maybe? Looks to be about 60 square feet. Lots of room for the average cave-family. And yet…..when Fred is chasing Barney through the yard and into the house, suddenly, the house has stretched to the length of a football field! Barney is hightailing it from the front door to the back, passing the same piece of furniture and picture of a mastodon on the wall about 6 times. How??

2. The Mighty Hercules

Not sure how many will remember this one, it’s pretty old. It was old when I was little! But just a simple question about this one. We have Hercules, the hero. Zeus, his father. Helena, Hurc’s main squeeze. Newton, the Centaur, his faithful follower. Wait a second….NEWTON?? This ‘toon takes place in Greece, everyone’s name is Greek, and yet this little guy has an English name. K. Did he emigrate from the UK? Or did the writer think that little kids wouldn’t catch that kind of mistake. Well, actually, I didn’t catch it til yesterday, so I guess that’s it.

3. Scooby Doo.

Gotta confess, this was never on my top 10 list of cartoons, but sometimes that’s all there was, so I watched. Scooby and the gang had a new mystery each episode. Shaggy was always there with plenty of Scooby snacks on hand to keep them going. Tracking and trapping ghosts is hungry work, don’tcha know!

So my question is this: what kinda crappy town do these kids live in where everyone’s trying to pull a scam of some kind? It’s like the Wild West!

4. Bugs Bunny/Loony Tunes

My all-time, no holds barred, favourite Saturday cartoon crew EVAH!! Nothing can hold a candle to BB/LT. NOTHING. Bugs, Daffy, Yosemite Sam. I could go on, but I know I don’t need to because I know you agree with me. You’d better.

So you would think that I’d be all good with whatever comes my way when it comes to Bugs. Yehhh… Loony Tunes is chock full of “Hmmm” inducing scenarios.

a) How in blue blazes does the coyote get money (and a phone….) to order all his destructive devices from Acme, but dude can’t find a burger joint to get a bite to eat?

b) Why is Tweety such a s*%# disturber??

c) Porky Pig is half dressed, and all the other animal characters are totally naked. What did Porky do to score himself that outfit???

5. Charlie Brown/Peanuts

Ok. I don’t remember them being on Saturday mornings; Peanuts were mainly for holidays. But, I LOVE the Peanuts gang and I watched them faithfully. And yes, there were a few things I just accepted blindly while I watched, that became more thought provoking as I got older.

a) did Snoopy really have such a cool life? or was he delusional…? I mean, if he really was a World War 1 flying ace, then that would have made him… *doing mental math*….wayyyy too old, in human or dogs years!

b) Peppermint Patty. Boy or girl? Had a crush on Charlie Brown, but Marcy always called Peppermint Patty “sir”. Go figure.

I’ve got some other questions, but I’ll save them for now. If anyone has the answers to any of these mysteries, I’d love to hear them. And by all means, let me know what makes you go “Hmmm…” too!


About Bella

I've reached my 40's with a few battle scars, but I'm still in one piece so I guess that's something to be thankful for. Married for a long time...well, what passes for long compared to many of my other friends. Almost 20 years. 3 kids: a teen and two tweens. Heaven help me! There's a lot about me to know but I always think that others won't find me interesting, isn't that sad? Writing is my passion. It's an outlet; it's a way to filter my world and the experiences I have. Blogging was a foreign concept to me when it first came out. But I GET IT now. It's therapeutic to unload. It's fun to read about the experiences of others. This is my way of meeting and greeting, overcoming the obstacles of time and distance. My hope is that you will stop and read my blog. That you will enjoy what I have to say, and we can have a chat. You're welcome anytime!
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