Folders fulla nothin’

Judge of The People's Court 1981–1993

Judge of The People’s Court

Back in high school, when I was about 17/18 years old, my best buddy P.C., and I would watch The People’s Court. Back then Judge Wapner was large and in charge! Much better than this Miliani chick. We’d hang out at his house after school, supposedly doing homework, when in fact we were just shootin’ the S#@T. But in our defence we were at the table with books open and pens in hand.

Anyway, we’d drop it all when it was time for People’s Court. There’s something about watching folks who have no concept of how the law works try to pull a fast one on a judge. The thing that made us laugh the most, though, was the opening of the program. That ominous court music plays (DAH NAH DAH….DAH DAT DAH…DAH NAH DAH….) and as the defendant and the plaintiff walks in with his/her entourage, we were amused by what they carried into court. Some had manila folders. Others had brown envelopes. A few had a briefcase, while a couple of women had random, loose papers shoved in their purses. Those who liked to keep it real walked in with documents in hand. One fine day as we were glued to the set, ready for another mother/daughter, boyfriend/girlfriend, landlord/ex-tenant showdown, P.C. blurts out with this: “They’ve all got folders fulla NUTHIN’!” I hit the ground laughing (HTGL?….this was before ROFL)!  Because in truth, a lot of these sad souls had come to court so woefully ill-prepared they may as well have showed up with blank sheets of paper. From that day on, Folders Fulla Nothin  became one of our catch phrases for people who had nothing important to say, or who weren’t too bright.

If you’ve never seen the original People’s Court, here’s a taste:



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