Still Here….

I’ve passed by blogs like this one before. The page comes up, with a catchy title. Scrolling down, I read the various posts. But wait…the date of the last post is 2 weeks/6 months/3 years(!!!) ago. What happened? I mean, how can someone start a blog, and leave it neglected for so long?

Before I first started blogging almost a year ago, I thought about it very carefully. What did I want to say, would there be a theme running through all my posts, or would they all be random, independent thoughts? How often would I come in to maintain it? That was a tricky one. Because I thought that keeping a blog was like taking care of a plant. It needs to be watered and fertilized on the regular.

SIDE NOTE: I am notorious in my house for unintentionally killing plants. I have a Betta fish; he’s doing ok so far. So maybe it’s just vegetation that I should I keep my murderous mitts away from.

I decided that I would come in at least once a week, as ideas came to me like revelations in a dream. I was chock full of stuff that I had to share with the public at large. Anytime I sat down in front of the computer, ready to write, I would get irate if anyone or anything interrupted me. “Not NOW, I’m BUSY!”

And so it went, for a while. A week sometimes became two. Occasionally three. I’m a wife and a mom, and I have a full time job; things don’t run as smoothly as we’d like them to. But I fear, my page has become one of those pages. The ones you pass by when you notice the cobwebs hanging from the words on the page. The ones that have an echo-y sound to them when you read the title out loud. My page seems to have been abandoned.

And here’s the thing. When I visit blogs that haven’t been touched for months or years, it never occurred to me that those people probably had the same intentions I did: to not let a too much time go by between submissions. But guess what….shit happens.

That is the reality of blogging. Real life steps in, and you can barely manage to get yourself together to go to work. You’ve been hit with the proverbial ton of bricks, and life loses focus. Blog? I can’t put a coherent sentence together when talking to real-time people, don’t ask me to write a moving composition on the Miley Cyrus Movement. Your bedroom becomes your sanctuary; the world gets locked out at the end of the day, because you are on the edge of tears from the time you get up, and they’re bursting through the dam and you don’t want the kids to see you so upset….

Yes, I’ve neglected my blog. But my dear, faithful followers….if you’re still out there…know that I did it because I had to. Shit happened. I got hit with that ton of bricks. I’m slowly getting back up again.


About Bella

I've reached my 40's with a few battle scars, but I'm still in one piece so I guess that's something to be thankful for. Married for a long time...well, what passes for long compared to many of my other friends. Almost 20 years. 3 kids: a teen and two tweens. Heaven help me! There's a lot about me to know but I always think that others won't find me interesting, isn't that sad? Writing is my passion. It's an outlet; it's a way to filter my world and the experiences I have. Blogging was a foreign concept to me when it first came out. But I GET IT now. It's therapeutic to unload. It's fun to read about the experiences of others. This is my way of meeting and greeting, overcoming the obstacles of time and distance. My hope is that you will stop and read my blog. That you will enjoy what I have to say, and we can have a chat. You're welcome anytime!
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