Sinking in

Morning! 🌄
It’s Day 2 of my week off and the relaxation is fine! I so rarely take this much time off at once, so this feels like heaven…
The main reason Hubby and I took a week is so we could spend some time the kids, going out and about town. Yesterday we went to a very nice public park with a huge picnic area, and a beach. We had more idea this place was here!


We grabbed some food on the way and settled in with our blanket and chairs. Funny thing is we spent more time walking around exploring, which is one of my fav things to do in a new spot.



Lots to see and do, and a chance encounter of a friend we hadn’t seen in years!


Lovely long pier to stroll along and the weather was perfect! Great vacay so far 💛❤


Thanks for stopping by! 🌸


About Bella

I've reached my 40's with a few battle scars, but I'm still in one piece so I guess that's something to be thankful for. Married for a long time...well, what passes for long compared to many of my other friends. Almost 20 years. 3 kids: a teen and two tweens. Heaven help me! There's a lot about me to know but I always think that others won't find me interesting, isn't that sad? Writing is my passion. It's an outlet; it's a way to filter my world and the experiences I have. Blogging was a foreign concept to me when it first came out. But I GET IT now. It's therapeutic to unload. It's fun to read about the experiences of others. This is my way of meeting and greeting, overcoming the obstacles of time and distance. My hope is that you will stop and read my blog. That you will enjoy what I have to say, and we can have a chat. You're welcome anytime!
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