Youth in Action

🔰The Maze Runner is the latest book in the Young Adult genre of fiction that has become a motion picture.

After seeing The Hunger Games parts 1 and 2 last year, I fell for YA fiction. Reading and watching The Maze Runner have me completely enamoured. What makes it so appealing to 45 year old mother of three nearly young adults of her own?

The characters in a lot of the novels are a different breed from the girls and boys in the books I read. Back in the 80s Judy Bloom cranked out a pile of novels geared toward the pre/teen/late teen crowd. They were great, well written. They spoke of all the ups and downs puberty can put you through. Dating, bras, dreams, hopes fears. My generation was the last generation to be relatively sheltered and innocent in the ways of the world.

This generation, those in their 20s and younger aren’t like that. There’s a boldness I see in my children  and their counterparts that my friends and I didn’t have. A fearlessness, confidence, I CAN DO ANYTHING-ness, that I wish I had 20/25 years ago. This is what comes out in The Hunger Games,  Divergent, The Maze Runner, and other works of this type. When faced with a challenge the main characters may pause for a moment, before making a choice,  taking a path, but it’s evident that just know that they must and will do something. They’ll succeed or die trying.

I find these books refreshing. Adult fiction tends to be predictable, as are the movies they become. Rom-coms, thrillers, mysteries. There is very rarely an ending that surprises. I’m tired of the predictable!

So join in, grab a YA novel or wait for the movie to come out but definitely give it a try! 🙌


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About Bella

I've reached my 40's with a few battle scars, but I'm still in one piece so I guess that's something to be thankful for. Married for a long time...well, what passes for long compared to many of my other friends. Almost 20 years. 3 kids: a teen and two tweens. Heaven help me! There's a lot about me to know but I always think that others won't find me interesting, isn't that sad? Writing is my passion. It's an outlet; it's a way to filter my world and the experiences I have. Blogging was a foreign concept to me when it first came out. But I GET IT now. It's therapeutic to unload. It's fun to read about the experiences of others. This is my way of meeting and greeting, overcoming the obstacles of time and distance. My hope is that you will stop and read my blog. That you will enjoy what I have to say, and we can have a chat. You're welcome anytime!
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