I’m new to blogging, a Baby Blogger, if you please. When I told a friend that I wanted to start one, she asked me why. So I thought about it. I was under the impression that based on her question, I was supposed to have some GRAND DESIGN, some kind of PURPOSE behind my desire to begin a blog. Started having second thoughts because I couldn’t come up with any meaningful reason.

Then it hit me, after reading the blogs of others (yeah I did some research): I don’t have to have a reason, at least not in the GRAND DESIGN sort of way. Quite simply, I like to talk to other people about whatever. I read a lot, I surf the net, I’m on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and a bunch of other social sites. The things I see, hear and ponder on make me want to share and discuss with other people.

So this is why I’m here, blogging along side you kind folks. Just to sit back, and have a chat. Feel free to comment, advise, suggest, or just leave a smiley.

Thanks for stoppin’ by 🙂



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