Sunrise Sunset

I’m on the front porch, observing the tree in our yard, and I realize that all the leaves have come in. It was only a few weeks ago that the buds were coming up, but here they are now! It’s a bit of a shock sometimes how time passes, and things change right under your nose, but without you noticing.

I went shopping for bathing suits with my daughters today. They’re pre-teens, trying to grow up fast, as we all tried when were young . They wanted bikinis but I compromised with tankinis. Every things in it’s time.

And as they changed and tried on and posed and primped in the mirror, I saw them, really looked at them. I observed them the way the rest of the world sees them: not as children, but as budding young women. Curves where straight edges used to be. Less baby-like in the face. A more assertive way of walking and talking.

When they were little girls I would tell myself that I was prepared for the teen years. I was once a teenage girl, ergo, I am well equipped for the phase to follow. But I was just one girl for my mother, and a shy, relatively quiet one at that! I have two daughters, one year apart so they’ve grown up as twins; both girls full of adventure and daring-do. Joiners, and go-ers and it’s two against one, damnit! (Yes I have a husband but he doesn’t stand a chance against Daddy’s Little Girls, poor man.)

So as my tree has matured while I looked the other way, so have my beloved baby girls. I have to admit….I’m not as ready as I thought I was.


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